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Luxury Apartments in Central Beijing

Sakura Ya Japanese Restaurant

The first Japanese restaurant in the CBD area. Excellent reputation for its unique culinary offerings, ideal for business invitation or gathering with friends.

Green Limon

Thai restaurant

Fei Teng Yu Xiang Restaurant

Sichuan hot dish

Golden Jaguar Buffet

Best Buffet restaurant t of Beijing

Gang Li Restaurant

Hong Kong style restaurant

The Place Food Street

Variety of food such as western, Hong Kong and Thai cusine.

San Li Tun Bar Street

Many bars and clubs near to commercial centre and shopping district.

Beijing Workers’ Stadium

With occasional vocal concert and performance.

Yun Ku Bar

Located next to Fraser Suites CBD Beijing, the highest bar and restaurant of Beijing provides a magnificent night view of the city on the 80th floor. 

Xing Mei Movie Theatre

Movie theatre

Da Ying Theatre

A place for theatre performances

The Place

A famous attraction with large LED Screen ceiling. A popular sport for star-studded events.

Happy Valley Beijing

Located at teh South-East of 4th ring road, the 560,000 sqm space combines leisure, entertainment and humanistic landscape.

The Park of Chaoyang

A multi-functional venue for cultural, leisure, amusement, sports events.

Chaoyang Sports Center

A central stadium with modern indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

Dongdan Sports Center

Located adjacent to Dongdan Park, the 28,000 sqm caters for a wide spectrum of sports such as gymnastic, swimming, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, martial arts, bowling and billiards.

Beijing China World Trade Center Mall Rink

The first mall rink in Beijing is 800 sqm in size with its ice making equipment imported from Canada.

The Peking Man World Heritage Site at Zhoukoudian

Here at the extraordinary UNESCO site, human and animal fossils and cultural relics were discovered, including the first Peking Man skull-cap.

Forbidden City

A UNESCO site, the Palace Museum was home to emperors and their households since 1300s until the last imperial dynasty of China ended in 1900s. 

Great Wall of China

Built from as early as 7th century BC, the UNESCO site is a series of magnificent fortifications meant to protect the Chinese Empire against intrusions by its enemies.

The Summer Palace

Covering an expanse of 2.9 sq km, the ensemble of lakes, gardens and palaces is testament to the UNESCO site’s remarkable garden landscape.

Imperial Tombs

These are natural sites modified according to geomancy principles to house buildings of traditional architectural design and decorations that illustrate ancient Chinese view of the world and power, now preserved as a UNESCO site.

Temple of Heaven

The UNESCO site is a Taoist temple known as the Altar of Heaven that past emperors used to visit to pray for good harvests.

CCTV Tower

An up and coming city icon, the media city skyscraper, as designed by famous British architect Norman Foster, takes on two halves, each a thick, leaning tower.

Shin Kong Place

Catch the season’s latest first-hand here at the Taiwanese department store with over 900 international brands, from the higher-end brands including Gucci flagship store to mid-range and the basics.

The Place

People enjoy walking below the huge screen where space art and advanced lighting techniques are deployed to lend excitement to a mall great for luxury shopping, fine dining and fashion.

Alien’s Street Market/Russian Market

A market that targets the Russian shuttle traders, the things here, from bras to pants and from coats to belts, are great for shoppers with fuller sizes.  


Housed in this courtyard is Beijing’s largest and most popular antique marketplace with about 4,000 shops and 10,000 dealers.

Xidan Area

A place with lots of markets and malls, typically local fare and fashion-wear, just west of Tiananmen Square.

Beijing Glasses City

A paradise for every be-spectacled person.

Silk Market

A place for silk and lots of other fashion items like designer handbags.

Yandai Xiejie

picturesque street with a vast range of products, including the unusual and the funky.

Beijing Glasses City

A paradise for every be-spectacled person.

Silk Market

A place for silk and lots of other fashion items like designer handbags.

Yandai Xiejie

A picturesque street with a vast range of products, including the unusual and the funky.

Tea Street

For more than 100 tea shops, selling anything and everything to do with tea.

HongQiao Pearl Market

For 3 floors of pearls and jewelry and more.


It is shopping by the pedestrian street in the middle of Beijing.


The “China’s Silicon Valley” with all things of computer, IT and digital.

798 Art District

A perfect congregation of the arts and art-inspired, this is a zone where galleries, studios, design houses and fashion outlets gather alongside restaurants, bars and cafes.

National Art Museum of China

One of the largest art museums in China, in its 21 exhibit halls, you will find both ancient and contemporary Chinese artworks as well as notable Western pieces.

Fraser Suites CBD, Bejiing

Nestled in the heart of Beijing’s World Trade Centre commercial circle and in the core of Chaoyang District, Fraser Suites CBD , Beijing offers more than just business convenience.

Located right in front of The Place, a major shopping mall, the property is situated within the vicinity of luxury shopping, international restaurants, a diverse range of amenities and a scenic park that balances the city’s hustle and bustle with serenity and tranquility.

Whether it is for business or for leisure, alone or with a family in tow, Fraser Suites CBD, Beijing is the desired accommodation for all travellers.

Fraser Suites CBD, Beijing

12 Jin Tong Xi Road,
Chao Yang District, Beijing,
PRC 100020

Fraser Suites CBD, Beijing

辉盛阁国际公寓, 100020

  • Facilities, Amenities and Services within the vicinity

    • Supermarket-Olie (3-minute walk)
    • Starbucks (5-minutes walk)
    • Vista Clinic (3-minute walk)
    • Ritan Park (10-minute walk)
    • Subway stations (5-minute walk)
    • Silk Market (10-minute drive)
    • CCTV Leaning Tower (10-minute walk)
    • China World Traders Centre (3-minute walk)
  • Getting to Fraser Suites CBD, Beijing

    Airport Shuttle Bus

    • Take Line 1 and alight at Da Bei Yao Station,
    • 15 minutes walk to Fraser Suites CBD Beijing.

    Airport Express Train

    • Take the Subway Line 10 and alight at Jin Tai Xi Zhao Station, or
    • Guo Mao station at Subway Line1 and Line 10, or
    • Yong An Li Station at subway Line 1
    • 10 minutes walk to Fraser Suites CBD Beijing.


    • Arrange in advance if desired so that the taxi driver can meet you at the Arrival gate. Charges typically comprise a starting fare plus a mileage fare chargeable by the distance. 
  • About Beijing

    Located in northern China, Beijing is China’s political, economic, cultural and educational centre as well as its most important centre for international trade and communications.

    With a history that dates back three millennia, Beijing is home to many landmarks and architectures that are illustrious of its rich culture and heritage. Well known for Tiananmen, the world’s fourth largest square in the world, the well-preserved imperial palace - Forbidden City, and the iconic Great Wall of China that has been destroyed and restored many times throughout its entire history, Beijing constantly marvels visitors both from various parts of the country and around the world.

    The city is by all means a modern and fashionable city that exudes vitality of the 21st century with its towering skyscrapers, busy shopping malls and heavy city traffic. With an extensive transportation system comprising expressways, national highways, conventional railways, high-speed railways and one of the world’s busiest airports, Beijing as a capital city of China connects far and wide, locally and internationally.

  • Essential Facts About Beijing


    Elevated at 143 feet above sea level, Beijing has a continental climate. The best times to visit Beijing are May, September and October. December and January are the coldest months, with an average temperature of –4° C (–25° F); while June and July are its warmest with an average temperature of 26°C (79° F).



    English is used at major corporations and key places of interest.

    Time Difference

    GMT +8 hours


    Here are three types of visas for foreigners who are residing in China for a period of time.

    • ‘Z’ (Vocational) Visa
      This visa is for foreigners employed by independent investment joint ventures or foreign investment enterprises in Beijing. The same will apply to their spouses and dependents. This visa is also for foreign expatriates working in Beijing, and their dependents.
      Within 30 days of arrival, all family members must visit the Exit and Entry Administration of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau to have their resident applications processed.

    • ‘X’ (Study) Visa
      This visa is for foreign students entering Beijing for studies. Within 30 days of arrival, students must visit the Exit and Entry Administration of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau to have their resident applications processed.

    • ‘J-1’ (Journalist) Visa
      This visa is for resident correspondents and journalists based in Beijing. Within 30 days of arrival, they must visit the Exit and Entry Administration of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau to have their resident applications processed.

    For more details, please visit the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau website at www.bjgaj.gov.cn.


    The unit currency is Renminbi (RMB), which comes in denominations of one, two, five, 10, 20, 50 and 100. Credit cards are widely accepted at larger establishments.


    All prices are tax-inclusive when charged and there is no other tax that needs to be levied.


    Tipping is not commonly practised in China. Most hotels automatically add a 15% service charge to the total bill.

    Business Hours

    Banks and government offices:
    Mondays to Fridays, 08:30 to 17:30 hours

    Mondays to Fridays, 09:00 to 18:00 hours
    Saturday, 09:00 to 13:00 hours

    Shops and department stores, may vary but mostly:
    Mondays to Sundays: 09:00 to 21:00 hours, including public holidays.

    Cellular Network

    The three biggest mobile telephone service providers are China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom.


    Medical facilities in Beijing are generally of high standard.


    Voltage is 220V AC.

    Public holidays

    New Year’s Day, Chinese New Year or Spring Festival (three days), Labour Day (three days) and National Day (three days).